Friday, September 2, 2011 - BY


Hella Clips, is without a doubt, the best place to find the most current skate video clips, big or small. And the last few days, Element riders have been popping up with all sorts of footage.

Nyjah Huston and friends rolled through the Chino park recently, and left no ledge unturned. Subscribe to Nyjah’s friend, Nathan on YouTube here for more Nyjah footy, as they’re always out skating, rain or shine.

Chad Tim Tim walks you through the basics of a switch crooked grind. Active is holding a contest here, where whoever sends in the best footage of them doing a switch crooks, wins a year supply of shoes from Dekline. Don’t forget the bonus clip and contest at the end of the video too.

Evan Smith gets a surprise request from skateboard legend, Josh Kalis, while on tour with DC in Europe. Watch and see if Evan can land a “Straight 8″ on call. The “Straight 8″ is when you do the two fundamental flip tricks, kickflip and heelflip, in the four possible ways, which equals 8… Kickflip, fakie kickflip, switch kickflip, nollie kickflip, heelflip, fakie heelflip, switch heelflip, and nollie heelflip.